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Why You Feel Guilty About Promoting Yourself

closing mindset prospecting Jan 21, 2022

I hear it time and time again from entrepreneurs. "I feel guilty/shameful/uncomfortable/greedy talking about my business!"

As someone who has worked in sales for over 15 years, this makes me want to grab them my the shoulders and shake some sense into them. Seriously.

But the more I heard this from people (and it was almost EVERYONE) it made me wonder where this guilt comes from.

Why do we feel so guilty? If we own a business or if our job is to sell and promote things, why do so many of us feel negatively about telling people about it?

Here are the main reasons:

  1. You are focusing on yourself and not your service. For example, you are thinking about getting new clients, making more money, etc and not on the impact you will make with that person or company. Its a subtle shift in your thinking but by focusing on the service you provide to others will make your own feelings more positive.
  2. You worry you will be judged or worry that your product or service is not good enough. This is...
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