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The Five Phobias that Hold us Back - Excerpt from My New Book

May 13, 20202 min read

Although I think of these as sales phobias, you’ll probably notice that they can bleed into your everyday life too.   I broke them down into five categories and gave them names. Don’t worry if you think you have all of these--that’s very common.

  1. RESPONSiphobia - The Imposter

  2. FAITHphobia - The Control Freak

  3. FAILphobia - The Procrastinator

  4. GENIUSphobia - The Follower

  5. EXPOSUREphobia - The Perfectionist

These phobias hold us back more than you might  imagine.  I have seen countless salespeople who have received all the right training, understand the nuts and bolts of sales, and just can't seem to get a handle on selling.  And, I have seen others who are naturally magnetic sales leaders who know nothing about sales basics and excel spreadsheets.  Whichever category you fall in, I’ve found that their struggles are almost always due to these core phobias.  This is why I tell people that to be successful in sales (or business, or life and partnerships), 80% of their success will be because of their mindset and 20% will be attributed to their knowledge of the actual nuts and bolts of sales (things like making an offer, negotiation, and closing the deal).

The truly amazing thing about these phobias and characteristics is that once you address them, you will get  a huge reward and breakthrough.  You will be transformed into the best version of yourself.  You may not suffer from all these phobias (though I sure did), but if you take some time to identify the ones you do have (or may have had in the past) you will be able to  identify the sales superpowers you will be able to achieve and maybe even discover a few you already have..  As humans, we are all works in progress, so you may need to work through these phobias again and again over time, but by simply being aware that each phobia exists, you will automatically start bringing positive intentions to each one.

Don't beat yourself up about having any of these phobias or worry too much about how to conquer them.  Start by simply noticing them and set an intention to reframe your thoughts. That will be enough to make huge shifts and jump-start your progress.  Every time you notice yourself falling into one of the phobias is a win because when you recognize that you can choose a more powerful and positive thought to combat them.

I am holding a free workshop this week on The Five Phobias, check it out and register here:

The Five Phobias Workshop

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