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“Christine is a natural seller and teacher. After achieving so much corporate success, you can learn a truckload from this woman about sales that’s truly thoughtful, crazily effective and 100% sleaze free.”

Susie Moore, Life Coach and Best Selling Author "What if it DOES Work Out?"

"Christine is like a stealth ninja of sales and people skills…with this quiet, gentle, and soulful packaging. No external bull shit…just deep goodness and exquisite skill. Working with her is a delight to my heart, and a gift to my business mojo! "

Allison Crow
Intuitive Soul Coach, Mentor & Wild Artist

"I walked into retail stores and talked like a normal person and not like a scared little kid… For once I didn't stutter or fight for words…I connected with these people without that fear in the way."

Sara Lazaroff

"I had a lot of feelings of guilt…of pressuring people and Christine in a gentle way helped me get out of my comfort zone and feel more comfortable selling my business."

Owner Will2Wow Jewelry
Laura Thompson Weigel

Your Transformation....

What will happen when you join the Quiet Selling Method Community?

...A Solid Abundance Abundance funnel of potential dream clients

...An Actionable Plan to convert your prospective clients into paying clients for life

...Crystal Clear Messaging that conveys your value and makes conversations and marketing effortless

...Pricing that feels in alignment and allows you to recognize your invaluable gifts

...Confidence in your ability to grow your business and certainty around making decisions in your life and business

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership gives you access to the foundation training, bonus trainings and our monthly live coaching calls each month

You are charged the monthly rate when you join and then are charged every 30 days on the same day

The foundation modules contain over 10 lessons which cover the foundations of The Quiet Selling Method, The Flawless Follow-up System and Creating Soulful Connection.  New lessons are added each month on new topics

Yes, all calls are recorded and will be available within 24 hours.  We will vary the call times each month so our international students can access.

The goal of this membership community it to make your life easier, not more stressful.  That is why we created a very simple foundation training to start.  The BULK of the learning will come from joining our live calls and putting the foundation into practice.

There are 2-3 calls per month so you can spend as little as 3 hours per month and a much as 4-5 hours watching content.  I want you to use your time practicing, not watching the content.


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