Creating Soulful Connection

How to Build Trust and Connection with Anyone

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Learn to "Click" with Anyone

  • How to deeply connect with anyone to create success, healing, impact
  • Works with anyone you work with in personal, corporate, social environments

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About Christine Volden 

Christine Volden is a sales and CRM evangelist and owner of She has over 15 years of experience in selling and managing sales teams, and has created online sales training programs viewed by over 500,000 people. Christine helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build powerful sales teams and generate more revenue by using the Quiet Selling Method™.

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“Christine is a natural seller and teacher.  After achieving so much corporate success, you can learn a truckload from this woman about sales that is truly thoughtful, crazily effective and 100% sleaze free.”
— Susie Moore, Coach & Best Selling Author of "What if it DOES Work Out"

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